Welcome to our Typecast Publishing website, the home of swinging poetry and artistic wasted design.   

Like any other artisan frame makers, Typecast’s mission is to produce works of literature with purpose and care, with a vision of bringing the book forward to a wide range of readers as possible.  

We would like to think that Typecast is the best in publishing’s past and future combined. The authors of Typecast are the most exciting and lively writers working today, and we hope you enjoy your time among the pages of our books as we give you all the best on our works.  

Typecast Publishing started as The Lumberyard magazine in 2007 before evolving into a small publishing house. We’ve started working in our garage in Mesa AZ. Then the garage door open broke, we to called http://a1garage.com/mesa/ to fix it, but none the less we decided to change locations.  

We set up our shop in our small farm in the hills and plan to produce much of our future poetry books and magazines using raw materials grown on our farm. We strive to work with the land in order to make truly independent, sustainable books that inspire us. We are in an industry that prefers to get to work actually doing the writing and save the complaining for old age. This means we are constantly thinking and rethinking of different ways in which we could execute book products. While the initiative is still in its trial run, some books might contain materials derived from the farm. Some of our experiments have worked, most have not. We have some areas where we continue to struggle the most and this includes being unable to be self-sufficient. We need to go outside to get resources in our production of books, be it a paper source or a reliable distribution model. We are currently looking for inventive ways to close those gaps, looking at the world and our industry for what and where it is. The farm where we are working in is a useful part of that, both as a metaphor and resource, and this very literal way of looking at making books is taking us in some weird and wild directions. The ingenious ways we are pursuing includes the use of farm materials and bio diesel to create and print our poetry books and magazines.  

For this reason, the making and distribution of poetry books in our country is a highly inefficient and confused system. It occurred to us that on the farm, we waste very little, and a lot of the plant matter that we consider as cast offs can actually be used as raw materials that can be used in the printing of this book. The ways to utilize the farm and crops to cut down on waste used on books vary, starting with the ink dye. We will be having an experiment by making the cherries into a dye. Soon, we are pulling sheets of paper made from the cotton we grow, hoping that it will not curse the harvest. We will use the successful recipes to color our paper.  

Our poetry books and magazines are available at all physical bookstores and online stores. You can order a copy via our website. Typecast Publishing are open to those who want to resell our books, you can contact us regarding that matter. Thank you! 

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