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Typecast Publishing started in 2010. Prior to that, we existed in 2007 as The Lumberyard Magazine. We considers the publication of a book a fantastic event to be celebrated, and the role of publisher most sacred. Like any artisan frame maker, a publisher’s job is to encase works of literature with purpose and care of the utmost kind. We consider every option available to print, from old-school letterpress to digital, all are tools for bringing readers to books. We know that every publication is different, that is why we believe each deserves its own set of rules. 

Maybe you are wondering why we are working this way? From childhood to that teenage transition, we have found that it is quite easy to convince youngsters to pick up a book, we are sure that they will love them. Unfortunately, along the way to adulthood sometimes that affinity dwindles or, worse, diminishes completely. Through our work and the way we deliver our books and magazines to the public , we hope to help bring that love of books back to those who have lost it and nurture those who never did. Our products strive to be strong in literary merit but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun making them or that you won’t have a great time reading them. We assure you that both adults and youngsters will having fun reading our books. 

Typecast is hoping that both rural and urban readers will appreciate our works. We have a collection of stories inspired by many things, we don’t shy away from bringing books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry together with readers wherever the work takes us. 

If you would like to know more about what kinds of books we publish and when, we highly recommend that you subscribe to our website where we regularly post calls for submission and sneakpeek on our next projects. In the forum section, we discuss about the aspect of being a writer and writing poetry books as well.  

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