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Do you ever feel that a writer can get typecast by their genre of books?  

Are readers unable to differentiate an image or expectation created by being affiliated with one genre to such a ratio that you need an entirely different name/image in order to publish something different and be respected for it? If you read romance novels… would you tend to pick a romance novel written by a famous writer?  



Hey Missy! I think the my answer is yes, writers can be typecast the same way as  musicians, actors and anyone else who creates anything. Maybe that’s the point of someone choosing different names to write under, whether it is always necessary is doubtful, but in some cases I believe it is. 

I am not sure of the policy in to writing under different names or using multiple accounts, but I have a feeling it will come up soon. Stay tuned for that thread. 



I can tell you that some of my writer friends have been asked to use another name so, that they relaunched a new product to see if sales will improve. A lot of writers used different account names for the same important reason. While sometimes it is the author’s choice to use different names, most of the writers have been asked by the publisher to try a new persona. One writer of fantasy books does have a different feel from her titles as when her other name is used. Writers write, but they also have to find a market that will buy their work if they hope to keep getting new contracts. 

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